Monday, May 15, 2017

High School DxD

High School DxD

I, Hyoudou Issei, am a 2nd Year High school student and my age is equal to the number of years I haven’t had a girlfriend. And, someone like me got a girlfriend! I’m sorry buddies, I will walk the path of becoming an adult before you guys! – That’s how it was supposed to be, but why did I get killed by my girlfriend!?
I still haven’t done anything yet! Are there no Gods in this World!?
And, the person who saved me is the most beautiful girl in my school, Rias Gremory-senpai. I learned the shocking truth from her who isn’t a God but a Devil. “You have reincarnated as a Devil! Work for me!”
Lured by Senpai’s breasts and treats, my life as a reincarnated Devil began.
So the “Academy×Love Comedy×Battle Fantasy” starts here with just aggressive and worldly desires!
Associated Names
High School DxD
Volume 1 : PDF
Volume 2 : PDF
Volume 3 : PDF
Volume 4 : PDF
Volume 5 : PDF
Volume 6 : PDF
Volume 7 : PDF
  Volume 8 : PDF  
Volume 9 : PDF
 Volume 10 : PDF
  Volume 11 : PDF 
  Volume 12 : PDF
  Volume 13 : PDF
  Volume 14 : PDF
  Volume 15 : PDF
  Volume 16 : PDF
  Volume 17 : PDF
  Volume 18 : PDF
 Volume 19 : PDF
Volume 20 : PDF
Volume 21 : PDF

 Side Story
The High School DxD DX
Volume 1 : PDF
Volume 2 : PDF 

Volume 1 : PDF

High School DxD Ex
Volume 1 : Epub 



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High School DxD
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