Saturday, September 23, 2017

Shippai Kinshi! Kanojo no Himitsu wa Morasanai! {LN} Download


Seiryuu Academy, the Second Flower Decoration Club– This club that gathers the top beauties in the school is a mysterious organization of unknown activities and admission conditions. The protagonist, Shimizu Shou, due to some strange opportunity, was recommended to enter the Second Flower Decoration Club by his sister Hijiri, a member of the club. “Bro-Brother. That stain…perhaps…?” “That’s not it, Hijiri! It’s just spilled orange juice!”…the conditions needed to join the club that are shrouded in mystery are…?
Associated Names
Failure is Forbidden! Her secret shall never be revealed!
失敗禁止! 彼女のヒミツはもらさない!

Light Novel
Volume 1 : PDF


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Shippai Kinshi! Kanojo no Himitsu wa Morasanai! {LN} Download
4/ 5

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