Saturday, December 16, 2017

Ochitekita Naga to Horobiyuku Majo no Kuni {LN} Download


In a world where witches are shunned and have been forced onto the brink of annihilation, a samurai with no memories is transported to the hideout of some of these witches. Having the name: “Dragon King” and a keen strategic mind, its up to him to help defend the witches from those that would seek to harm them.

Associated Names
Ochitekita Naga to Majo no Kuni
Ochitekita Ryuuou
Ochitekita Ryuuou to Horobiyuku Majo no Kuni
The country of the fallen Dragon King and the Perishing Witches

Light Novel
Volume 1 : PDF
Volume 2 : PDF


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Ochitekita Naga to Horobiyuku Majo no Kuni {LN} Download
4/ 5

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